qBoxMini & qBox Enclosure Kits

Perfect for any DIY IOT project, qBoxMini & qBox Enclosure Kit lines are the part of the newest HW platform designed to help hobbyists, makers and all DIYers to build environmental ready IOT solutions.

iotbotscom-qboxmini-iot-enclosure-kit   iotbotscom-qbox-enclosure-kit   iotbotscom-gsm-gps-lte-wifi-tracker   iotbotscom-qboxmini-iot-enclosure-kit

Flanged IP65 waterproof enclosure : Sealed, made of high-quality ABS material suitable for indoor and outdoor DIY IOT projects
Incorporated cable glands : Two cable inputs securely allow bringing the power in and connecting sensors and actuators
Perfect fit PCB : High quality double sided PCB with 0.1" hole spacing for DIP integrated circuits, modules and main controller board
Fixed placement for controller board : Well designed PCB allows to carry variety of MCU boards like Feather Compatible, Arduino MKR Compatible, NodeMCU, etc
Built in SMA connectors : Up to two SMA Straight Female to IPEX(U.FL)adapter cables give external antennas connections to your wireless board.