IOT-BOTS.COM is an IOT electronics manufacturer and embedded engineering company serving hobbyists, makers, all DIYers, and professional engineering industries with products and services helping them to easily build real  and environmental ready elegant IOT solutions.

We are the team of experienced embedded engineers with deep knowledge of IOT projects nature and solid background in HW and FW development. We have a rich portfolio of successfully delivered customer projects around the globe.


Most of our projects deal with GPS asset tracking, remote monitoring, and fleet management. We continue supporting our customers with existing products to develop and deliver cuttings-edge technology solutions.


Every new project starts with prototyping or proof of concept phase. And it was found, that even today, seeing that there are a lot of DIY electronics on the market, like sensors, actuators and controller boards, it is not so easy to make finished prototype look like a sample unit to perform environmental testing with real IOT deployment.

So, we have decided to share our experience and knowledge with army of maker, fixer, tinkerer, electronics hobbyists, DIYers, and even companies  by building and delivering such type of electronics to cover the most of real IOT cases.

We started working on our IOT DIY HW / FW  platform we called "QWARKS". It is planned to start delivering particular wireless modules, controller boards and FW in H1 2021.

To get into sales to support this new direction, we have created and started delivering our line of qBoxMini and qBox Enclosure Kits. Many new amazing products are coming up very soon.

At the same time, we are working on finding the best way to provide our customers and partners a complete IOT environment, which will include our reliable HW, robust FW, scalable and flexible IOT deployment.

Our mission is to make real IOT easy by focusing on existing cases, our experience, and customer needs, bringing innovative, power efficient, and cloud connected solutions to life.

We would be excited to see you as our valued customer and partner!