Collection: qGroundMini Adafruit Feather Compatible

"Nice to have" for any DIY IOT project, qGroundMini AFC PCB Kit is the part of the newest HW PCB Kits line designed to help hobbyists, makers and all DIYers to build IOT POCs and making HW prototyping easily:


High quality PCB : Double-sided FR-4 PCB with 0.1" hole spacing for DIP integrated circuits, modules, and main controller board;
Dedicated placement for controller board : Well-designed PCB allows to carry Adafruit Feather Compatible MCU board;
Rich set of interface options : Two terminal blocks, Grove I2C and 4-pin JST I2C&Powerlow profile 0.1" Adafruit Feather Compatible interface connectors;
More space for prototyping : Proto holes grid across whole PCB space  for DIP components installation and wiring;
Environmental ready :  Developed to be perfectly fit and mounted inside qBoxMini Collection Enclosures for indoor and outdoor DIY IOT projects.



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  • qGroundMini DIY IOT Adafruit Feather Compatible PCB Kit
    qGroundMini DIY IOT Adafruit Feather Compatible PCB Kit
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