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"Good to go" for any DIY IOT project, qBody Arduino MKR Compatible Interface Board Kit is the part of the newest Interface Board Kits line designed to help hobbyists, makers and all DIYers to build IOT POCs and making HW prototyping easily:

IOT device peripheral integrated : External power DC/DC, temperature and motion  sensors, Real-Time Clock IC , Serial Flash, GPIOs, RS485 and 1-Wire schematic;
Unique interface switching system : All external interfaces and most of IOT GPIOs could be easily switched to bring functionality required;
Rich set of interface options : Four terminal blocks, Grove I2C and 4-pin JST I2C&Power, qJam and low profile 0.1" Arduino MKR Compatible interface connectors and RTC holder;
Some room for prototyping : Proto holes grid across whole PCB space for DIP components installation and wiring;
Environmental ready :  Developed to be perfectly fit and mounted inside qBox Collection Enclosures for indoor and outdoor DIY IOT projects.

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  • qBody Arduino MKR Compatible Interface Board Kit
    qBody Arduino MKR Compatible Interface Board Kit
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